Saturday, November 8, 2008

Conflict and Resolution

My very first post, and there's already conflicts within myself. I'm not a blogger, and bloggers are not like me. They have ideas, issues, and points bout sumthing and I have nothing.

So what do i do with my blog?

I've seen online diaries, sports + political blogs, bussiness partnerships, braggings and braggers, advertisements all sorts of blogs. But how do i make mine?

How, What and Why do I have blogs? I have nothing to post in it.
And yet I posted this.
Whoaa it's easy to create a post eh?
But blogs are for readers, Who wanna waste their time reading mine?

I'll resolute this...let me think....

-mekaseh Entai and Pert kenalkan aku kat dunia blog.


ChuckNorris said... last,abaarbalboa has his own blog..congratulation...haha

SangKunang said...

tahniah dah ada blog....
timo kashih mention name aku...

Anonymous said...

whoaaa...paang ade blog! tahniah.haha.well i,too,juz started on blogging n god noes wut a poor writer i am.but who cares then? juz write cuz its a soul who's talking

wAn NF said...

I do~

aku jwb lagi skali.. lalalala~

mampos la kalo jd kontroversi

aisamuddinMH said...

paang, tahnioh laa sbb mg da ada kl mg buat blog diary, aq juckie mg seumor hdop!!hahahahaha.betul x entai???